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Sol Lewitt – Tremlett Chapel

The Barolo Chapel is also known as the Brunate Chapel. It is not accessible to vehicles on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays except for residents and authorised persons.


Coming from Alba: from Piazza dei Martiri walk along Via Roma to the end of the village, about 1.3km. Turn left and walk for another 800m on the Fontanazza road, until you reach the Cerequio village.

Coming from Barolo: at the entrance of the village, turn right onto the Fontanazza road and walk for about 1.5 km until you reach the Chapel.

Parking: parking in Piazza Monera is reccomanded. Free parking available.


The Chapel of Barolo was built in 1914 by some local farmers who used it as a shelter in case of storms. It was initially called the Chapel of the Santissima Madonna delle Grazie, but was never consecrated as a place of worship.

In the 1970s, the land on which the Chapel stands and the surrounding vineyards were purchased by the Ceretto family who, in 1999, after years of disuse and neglect, decided to renovate the small building. The work was commissioned to Sol Le Witt and David Tremlett, two artists of the contemporary scene. It seems that the two chose barter rather than actual remuneration: they worked on the Chapel in exchange for a lifetime supply of Barolo from the family.

The artists quickly transformed the building into a work of art: Sol Le Witt was responsible for the exterior decoration in bright, cheerful tones, while David Tremlett designed the interior in warm, welcoming colours.

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