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classic concert

Sunday 28th of Jubne at 5pm inside San Martino churh – Meditation and music concert of antique organ from Vittino […]

Wine at home

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I stay at home, They deliver at home

I STAY AT HOME! Our Mayor Marialuisa Ascheri and the Association “Protect La Morra” are going to buy 1500 corona-virus […]

Healthy emergency

Good morning, we are in a health emergency period and this is why we decide to close the tourist office until […]

Dolcetto wine tasting

Posticipate for CORONAVIRUS emergency. Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th of March Dolcetto wine tasting to Cantina comunale of La […]

Spring cleaning

In La Morra it will be on Saturday the 7th of March. Contact Flavio Viberti, ref. for Protezione civile of […]

Film “La luce dentro”

Thursday the 20th of February at 9pm: 3° appointment with the evenings into Cantina  comunale of La Morra.

Special evening on thursday to cantina comunale of La Morra

Every Thursday on February at 9pm into cantina comunale of La Morra cultural meeting. See the program below.

Gran Carnevale Rivalta

Saturday 22nd of February at 8pm carnival dinner in frazione Rivalta. Book please before the 18th of February to Ricreativa […]

Exhibition about San Giovanni Paolo II into San Rocco church

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Exhibition about Padre Giuseppe Girotti into San Sebastiano church

Exhibition about Padre Giuseppe Girotti into San Sebastiano church from the 24th of January on Friday Saturday ans Sunday from 10am […]

Winter timetable of the tourist office of La Morra

On January and February the tourist office is open on: Friday 10:00 – 16:00 Saturday  10:00 – 16:00 Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 […]

Spiritual concert

Saturday 11th of January at 9pm into San Martino church spiritual concert post Christmas period.

Gregorian choir

Tuesday the 31st of Dicember at 5pm15  gregorian choir into the  San Martino church.


On thursday the 26th of Dicember a BINGO evening into the comunal hall in frazione Rivalta of La Morra at […]

New Year Dinner

Proposal for the dinner the 31st of Dicember. Il Duca Bianco Palas Cerequio Ristorante Nesto Locanda Fontanazza  

Menù Christmas 2019

Proposal of the restaurants for Christmas Lunch on Tuesday the 25th of Dicember 2019. Il Duca Bianco L’Eremo della Gasprina […]

Santa Claus in piazza Vittorio Emanuele

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Evening of 24th of Dicember

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Where to eat in La Morra this winter

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where to sleep this winter in La Morra

LA MORRA: WHERE TO SLEEP  telephone  WINTER CLOSURE 2019 – 2020 AGRISUITE IL CEDRO 0173.50344 Dal 15/12/ 2019 al 15/03/2020 […]


TOURIST OFFICE WINTER’S OPENING HOURS 23-24-25-26 Dicember CLOSED From 27th to  31st of Dicember open from 10am to 4pm Wednesday […]

Spriritual concert for Christmas

Saturday 21st of Dicember at 9pm into the San Martino church, Spriritual concert for Christmas.

Open accomodation to sleep in La Morra this winter 2019 2020

LA MORRA where to sleep  telephone Winter closure 2019 – 2020 AGRISUITE IL CEDRO 0173.50344 Closed from 15/12/ 2019 to 15/03/2020 AL […]

Concert for Unesco anniversary

SAturday the 7th of dicember at 9pm into the comunal hall of piazza Vittorio Emanuele, “C’é qualcosa di nuovo” concert […]

Events Dicember La Morra

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Roberta Giacobbi and Maura Boccato painting exhibition

From the 7th to the 20th of Dicember painting exhibition of Roberta Giacobbi and  Maura Boccato inside the Cantina comunale […]

Barolo chinato and grappa tasting

Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th into cantina comunale of La Morra, Barolo chinato and grappe tasting from the […]

Presentation of the new book of Gianni Farinetti “La bella sconosciuta”

Presentation of the new book of Gianni Farinetti  “La bella sconosciuta”, ed. Marsilio, Saturday 30th of  november, at 6pm inside San Sebastiano […]

“Rock all night” concert of the music Band G. Gabetti

Saturday 30th of November, concert into the municipal hall of La Morra in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele at 9pm with  BANDA Musicale Giuseppe Gabetti .  In this […]

Painting exhibition of Pavel Schmidt

Painting exhibition of Pavel Schmidt intitled “Di Vino Divino” inside Cantina Comunale of La Morra  from the  23rd of November to […]

Diner with the “Alpini” and the tripe

Saturday 30th of  November at 9pm evening with the “Alpini” and the tripe to fornace house in via fornace – La Morra. […]

Excellence meets excellence

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Events November in La Morra

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San Martino feast

Festa di San Martino 8, 9, 10 e 11 novembre a La Morra. Venerdì 8 novembre alle 20:30 alla cantina comunale […]

Painting exhibition

From the  19th of October to the  10th of Novembre painting exhibition of 4 different artists into  San Rocco church in via […]

Presentation of PIEDMONT story of a marvellous area

Friday 25th of October at 6pm into San Sebastiano Church presentation of the magazine IL PIEMONTE, RACCONTO DI UNA TERRA […]

Mostra personale di pittura di Luna Potenzieri

“Ascetica” is the name of the painting exhibition of Luna Potenziere you can see inside the bell tower of La […]

The Langhe, the 100 wonders (+1)

Saturday 19th of October at 6pm into San Sebastiano church  presentation of the bbok “Le Langhe. Le 100 meraviglie (+1)” (ed. Communitybokk)  […]

Pier Flavio Gallina painting exhibition

Pierflavio Gallina personal exhibition from the 12th of October to the 8th of November into cantina comunale of La Morra. Open […]

Events October La Morra

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Domenico Origlia sculture exhibition

Personal exhibition of sculture of Domenico Origlia from the 12th to the 27th of octobre into San Sebastiano church from 10am […]

Perfum of Autumn to Cantina comunale di La Morra

Every Saturday in October (5, 12, 19, 67 october and also 2 9 16 november) wine tasting of the winemakers […]

Margherita Caliendo painting exhibition

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Assunto Isoardi painting exhibition

Assunto Isoardi painting exhibition from the 14th of  Septembre to th 15th of Octobre into San Rocco church. open everyday from […]

Keeping time: Sol Lewitt & David Tremlett – celebration 20 years Barolo chapel

1999 – 2019 Keeping Time Celebrating 20 years of the Capella del Barolo by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett A Ceretto project […]

panoramic awing in La Morra

Sunday the 15th in piazza castello with the Swing Juice Asd Alba Bra from 6pm30 to 9pm. come and dance on the […]

Music open day

Sunday 15th of September come and try to play an instrument with Giuseppe Gabetti band in piazza castello in La […]

There is Barbera and Barbera

Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of September come and taste the Barbera wine of the wine makers of […]

Piedmont documenteur filmfest

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