nel cuore delle langhe
Alberto Ballarin

Frazione Annunziata 115 – La Morra/ maps

Tel. +39 3487231264 – 3331774175

The Alberto Ballarin winery was born from the union of the values of tradition, the land and authentic flavours with which Giorgio grew up, and Alberto’s innovation, determination and vision for the future. It is the fruit of the harmony of our past, present and future.

For several years they have practised sustainable viticulture, which consists of minimal and non-invasive treatments and without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers. Lots of manual work, the skilled hand passed down through generations in the Ballarin family.

In the winery, on the other hand, balance is sought – that harmony of sensations that knows how to blend sweetness, elegance and drinkability – and territoriality, through respect for the vineyards and the search for maximum grape health.

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Wines produced:

  • Barolo d.o.c.g.
  • Barolo Boiolo d.o.c.g.
  • Barolo Bricco Rocca d.o.c.g.
  • Barolo Bricco Rocca Riserva d.o.c.g.
  • Barolo Bussia d.o.c.g.
  • Dolcetto d’Alba d.o.c.
  • Langhe Nebbiolo d’Alba d.o.c.
  • Barbera d’Alba Giuli d.o.c.
  • Barbera d’Alba d.o.c.
  • Chardonnay Langhe d.o.c.
  • Langhe Nascetta


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