nel cuore delle langhe
Bosco Agostino

Via Fontane, 24

tel. e fax +39 0173 509466 -

link alla cantina comunale di La Morra


The winery  Bosco Agostino  is a very small winery of La Morra . Bosco family wants to make a good job: produce high quality grape and tranform them to a special wine. Agostino, the father manage the works to the vineyards and Andrea, the son has care of the cellar and the commercial part. At the moment the size of the winery is 4 ha with just vineyards located on the La Morra’s village.

Wines produced:

- Barolo Serra

- Barolo Neirane

- Langhe nebbiolo Rurem

- Barbera d’Alba Volupta

- Dolcetto d’Alba Vantrin

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