nel cuore delle langhe
The Madonna delle Grazie chapel

The Cappella della Madonna delle grazie or cappella delle Brunate or cappella del Barolo is considered a symbol of Langhe area.

The famous wine maker Ceretto who is the owner of the chapel has always been particularly sensible to artistic world as you can see through the CUBE and the GRAPE. A philosophy: the art that exalts the territory and the territory that helps the art.

In 1999 the chapel was restaured in a comtemporary style through the collaboration of the Ceretto family with the english artist David Tremlett and the american one Sol Lewitt who cared respectively the inside (with smoothy colours inspired by the eart) and the outside (with the bright colours).

Opening time: the chapel is open everyday all the day long.

How to reach the chapel: it’s located in strada Fontanazza  and you have to possibilities to go,

- from the center of the village of La Morra you follow via Roma and then  strada Fontanazza

- from the provincial road Alba Barolo,  2,5 km from  Barolo village

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