nel cuore delle langhe
Cascina Ballarin

Frazione Annunziata, 115

La Morra

tel. +39 0173.50365

link alla cantina comunale di La Morra


In 1928 was born Cascina Ballarin that had a lots of different  productions like grapes, fruit, cereals and hazelnut. Then they reduce more and more the multiproduction and gave more importance to the vineyards. About 25 years ago the farm was restored and then was create the agriturism with one part dedicated to the wines and the other part to accomodation and agricampeggio. The vineyards are now located on 3 different common: La Morra, Monforte and Novello that allows the Viberti family to increase their  wine choices.

Vini prodotti:

- Barolo Bussia

- Barolo Tre Ciabot

- Barolo Bricco Rocca

- Barolo Bricco Rocca riserva Tistot

- Langhe rosso Ballarin

- Langhe rosso ultimi grappoli

- Langhe Nebbiolo

- Langhe Cino

- Barbera d’Alba Giuli

- Barbera d’Alba Pilade

- Dolcetto d’Alba Pilade

- Langhe Bianco Ballarin

- Langhe rosato

- Langhe Nascetta

- Brut

- Grappa

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