nel cuore delle langhe
Molino Mauro

frazione Annunziata – Borgata Gancia, 111

tel. 0173.50814 fax. 0173.500035

link alla cantina comunale di La Morra


Mauro Molino in 1978 start to manage the family winery  Cascina Gancia dell’Annunziata, located in Annunziata hamlet. After few years he obtained good results and now those wines are known all around the world. His son Matteo and his daughter Martina are both completely involved into the winery.

Wines produced:

- Barolo Vigna Conca

- Barolo Vigna Gancia

- Barolo Vigna Gallinotto

- Barolo

- Barbera d’Alba

- Barbera d’Alba Vigna Gattere

- Dolcetto d’Alba

- Langhe rosso Dimartina

- Langhe Nebbiolo

- Langhe Chardonnay Livrot

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