nel cuore delle langhe
Revello Fratelli

Fraz. Annunziata, 103

Tel. +39 0173.50276 –

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The  fratelli Revello winery is located in one of the more important area for Barolo wine. In 1967, an exceptionnel year, they vinify by themselves in their own cellar. The sons Enzo and Carlo decided to follow other roads but one after the other they integrate the winery and resume it: the parents “Giacolino” and Maria Rosa can be quiet! In plus they have 4 rooms to the agriturism in the middle of the vineyards of Annunziata hamlet with the nice view towards the landscape and the famous Lebanon cedar. They collaborate with other winemakers to the association L’insieme to grow money for charity and this is the reason for which they also produce the L’Insieme wine.

Wines produced:

- Barolo

- Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata

- Barolo Conca

- Barolo Giachini

- Barolo Gattera

- Langhe Nebbiolo

- Barbera

- Barbera Ciabot du re

- Dolcetto d’Alba

- L’insieme

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