nel cuore delle langhe
Reverdito Michele

Frazione Rivalta – Borgata Garassini, 74

tel. e fax. +39.0173.50336 – mob. 347.9166279 -

link alla cantina comunale di La Morra


In 1991 Michele, with the help of the father Silvano, has started to modify the winery, that once used to grow different kind of animals and vegetables, to an exclusively wine production. The 1st vinification started in 2000. Years after years they added new vineyards to obtain about 20 hectares. Now they have appproximatively 40 hectares located on La Morra, Verduno and Serralunga d’Alba area and half of them are vineyards and the other half are mainly hazelnut fields. Michele, the owner of the winery manage all the operations with the sister Sabina and the parents Silvano e Maria care the works into the vineyards; a real family winery.




- Barolo Bricco Cogni

- Barolo Riva Rocca

- Barolo Badarina

- Barolo Castagni

- Barolo Ascherì

- Barolo Riserva

- Barbera d’Alba

- Barbera d’Alba Butti

- Barbera d’Alba Delia

- Barbera d’Alba

- Dolcetto d’Alba superiore Formica

- Langhe Nebbiolo Simane

- Nascetta

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