nel cuore delle langhe
Spirito Agricolo di Viberti Gianni | Azienda Agricola e Distilleria

B.ta Cerequio, 21 – La Morra per DISTILLERY / mappa

Frazione Annunziata, 115 – La Morra per WINERY / mappa
Tel. +39 380.3548300

The Spirito Agricolo Ballarin winery and has its foundations in the long history of Cascina Ballarin, a company founded in 1928 when grandfather Giovanni Ballarin bought land at Annunziata di La Morra and Bussia di Monforte, planted nebbiolo, dolcetto and barbera on the hills, cereals and fruit on the plains. Thus he began to build the house and the stable.

The farm developed with his son Luigi and later his grandsons Gianni and Giorgio. In 2015 Gianni took the course to become a master distiller, with the desire to complete the cycle of cultivation of the farm land, the first grappas and brandies were produced. In 2022, following Gianni and Giorgio’s decision to continue running their land independently, Spirito Agricolo Ballarin was born.

Today, together with Gianni there is his daughter Cecilia who, after studying enology, actively and passionately participates in the company’s activities.

The vineyards are cultivated following the organic and biodynamic approach for which they are officially certified. From the 7 hectares, 5 of which are under vine, comes wines and spirits with a strong character expressed by the land of origin and the way it is cultivated.

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Wines produced:

  • Barbera D’Alba  d.o.c.
  • Langhe Bianco d.o.c.
  • Langhe Nascetta d.o.c.
  • Langhe Rosso “Amorvincit” d.o.c.
  • Barolo d.o.c.g. Bussia
  • Barolo d.o.c.g. Bricco Rocca
  • Barolo d.o.c.g. Boiolo


  • Acquavite di mele (mele antiche varietà del piemonte)
  • Acquavite pere (pere varietà Madernassa)
  • Grappa di Nebbiolo
  • Grappa di Barolo
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